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Medical Laboratory Scientists’ Salary in Nigeria: It is impossible to overstate the importance of medical laboratory scientists in the healthcare system. They’re a component of important medical lines that strive to improve people’s health. The first and most important step toward saving lives is diagnosis. Medical Laboratory Scientists’ primary responsibility is to make diagnoses.

In this article, we’ll look at the pay scale for Medical Laboratory Scientists in Nigeria. Also discussed are the abilities and responsibilities of a medical laboratory scientist, the requirements for studying medical laboratory science in Nigeria, and the financial viability of medical laboratory science in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s medical laboratory scientists are insufficient to meet the country’s burgeoning population.

Furthermore, Medical Laboratory Scientists’ salaries in Nigeria are comparable to those of other auxiliary medical personnel. So, depending on what the average wage in Nigeria is, medical laboratory scientists’ salaries in Nigeria may be stated to be quite good.

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Medical Laboratory Science salary per month in Nigeria

Who Is A Medical Laboratory Scientist?

A medical laboratory scientist (MLS), or aclinical laboratory scientist (CLS)is a health care practitioner who performs diagnostic tests on blood and body fluids in a clinical laboratory. The tasks of a medical laboratory scientist begin with the receiving of patient or client specimens and finish with the distribution of test results to physicians and other healthcare professionals. The efficacy of clinical diagnostic testing depends on the test technique’s validity.

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Average Medical Laboratory Scientist Salary in Nigeria

Medical laboratory scientists may also aid healthcare professionals with test selection and specimen collection, and they are in charge of delivering vital lab results verbally as soon as possible. Laboratory test findings are expected to account for 70% of medical decisions, while MLS contributions account for 95% of a health system’s expenses.

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What Are A Medical Laboratory Scientist’s Responsibilities?

Medical laboratory professionals use cutting-edge biological devices and technology to perform a number of tasks in a variety of laboratory settings.

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Medical Laboratory Scientists’ Salary in Nigeria

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a. Examine Body fluids, tissues, and cells.

b. Detecting microbes that might be hazardous

c. Examining the chemical composition of bodily fluids

d. Drug levels in the blood are measured to determine the effectiveness of specific therapies.

e. Examining the correctness of test findings

f. Assists physicians in the interpretation of test findings.

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g. Using, maintaining, and repairing medical equipment.

h. Maintaining quality control in the lab.

i. Managing inventories.

j. To teach students and healthcare professionals correct laboratory procedures.

k. Clinical chemistry, hematology, immunology, immunohematology, microbiology, and molecular biology are all areas of laboratory testing.

l. In order to diagnose cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, infectious mononucleosis, and the identification of bacteria or viruses that cause illnesses, as well as to detect drugs of misuse, MLS specialists create precise laboratory data.

m. Medical lab experts also keep an eye on the quality of the tests and confer with other members of the medical team.

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What Are The Various Tests Performed By A Medical Laboratory Scientist?

Complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), electrolyte panel, liver function tests (LFT), renal function tests (RFT), thyroid function test (TFT), urinalysis, coagulation profile, lipid profile, blood type, semen analysis (for fertility and post-vasectomy studies), serological studies, and routine cultures are the most common tests performed by medical laboratory scientists.

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How much is a medical lab scientist paid?

Medical laboratory scientists may do phlebotomy at some institutions when there are few or no phlebotomists (for example, in rural regions). Because medical laboratory scientists have numerous transferrable technical abilities, they are frequently employed outside of the laboratory. Many medical laboratory scientists work for non-medical industrial laboratories and manufacturing companies.

Medical laboratory scientists’ salaries at Nigerian government hospitals

Medical Laboratory Scientists who have worked for a period of 0 to 2 years are paid between N120,000 and N150,000 per month.

Laboratory Scientists at the mid-career stage, or those with 2 to 5 years of experience, can make as much as N150,000 to N300,000.

Medical laboratory scientists with more than ten years of expertise earn more than N350,000 each month.

What Are Medical Laboratory Scientists At Private Hospitals Paid?

In private institutions, medical laboratory scientists make an average of N180,000 every month.

During their National Youth Service, Medical Laboratory Scientists are Paid?

When participating in the National Youth Service Corps, medical laboratory scientists receive an average of N50,000.

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Salary Of A Medical Laboratory Scientist Intern

After “tax” and dues deductions, a medical laboratory scientist intern makes roughly #130,000 naira monthly. In federal teaching hospitals and medical institutions, a medical lab science intern earns more than in state-owned hospitals. They also have a better working environment and greater benefits. A medical lab intern gets 1.8 million naira per year, based on the compensation indicated above.

The remuneration of a medical laboratory scientist intern in Nigeria varies depending on whether the facility is state-owned or federally owned. A medical lab science intern at National Hospital Abuja, for example, gets a monthly payment of 160,000 naira after tax, but a medical lab scientist intern at the state-owned Central Hospital Benin earns around 120,000 naira after tax.

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Medical Laboratory Scientists’ Academic Requirements?

Working as a medical lab scientist requires a bachelor’s degree from an academic institution accredited by the Nigerian Medical Laboratory Science Council.


While a more general degree may make sense for people who aren’t sure what they want to do with their lives, aspiring medical laboratory scientists will benefit more from the specialized knowledge, abilities, and experience that are available through Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science degree program.

Such programs are suitable for many lab workers who began their careers as medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) before progressing to become medical laboratory specialists (MLSs).

The lack of medical laboratory scientists looms as a concern for lab employers and an opportunity for competent employees as schools and institutions continue to prepare the next generation of lab experts.

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Career Options for Medical Laboratory Scientists

Medical laboratory scientists are most well-known for conducting tests in a medical laboratory setting; however, their work is not confined to medical testing. A medical laboratory science degree qualifies graduates for a variety of laboratory science jobs, including:

Investing in R&D.

A pharmaceutical industry representative.


Managing a medical laboratory is a challenging task.

Clinical trials supervisor.

Instruction and education

Specialist in laboratory information

Hospital laboratories, clinics, forensic laboratories, veterinary clinics, industrial research labs, biotech businesses, and other settings provide exciting job prospects.

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There are various specializations available within the field of medical laboratory science:

a. Hematology. Study of blood, blood-producing organs, and blood diseases

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b. Bacteriology. Branch of medicine that studies bacteria.

c. Chemistry. The study of the chemical components of body fluids.

d. Clinical pathology: the study of the relationship between bodily fluids and illness.

e. Immunohematology: Antigens and antibodies are studied, especially in relation to blood transfusions.

f. Immunology/Serology: the study and analysis of disease-induced immune responses.

g. Microbiology: the study of bacteria and viruses, as well as their qualities in connection to illness.

h. Urinalysis: the testing of urine to diagnose and treat health problems, among other things.

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A medical laboratory scientist might be thought of as a highly competent “disease detective” whose medical diagnostic testing skills are crucial in the realm of healthcare.

Medical laboratory scientists are in charge of performing a number of tests on patient samples (blood, other bodily fluids, cells and tissues, and so on) in order to determine the presence or absence of diseases. Their work is regarded as critical for illness detection, diagnosis, and therapy.

Medical Laboratory Scientists’ Salary in Nigeria 2022 - Bscholarly (5)

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How much is medical laboratory scientist paid in Nigeria? ›

Medical Laboratory Scientists who have worked for a period of 0 to 2 years are paid between N120,000 and N150,000 per month. Laboratory Scientists at the mid-career stage, or those with 2 to 5 years of experience, can make as much as N150,000 to N300,000.

How much is the salary of medical laboratory scientist? ›

As of Jan 19, 2023, the average annual pay for a Medical LAB Scientist in the United States is $76,453 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $36.76 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,470/week or $6,371/month.

Which country pays medical laboratory scientist the most? ›

In the end, the country that pays its scientists the most is Switzerland.

What is the highest salary for a medical laboratory scientist? ›

How much does a Medical Laboratory Scientist make? Medical laboratory scientists make $54,377 per year on average, or $26.14 per hour, in the United States. Medical laboratory scientists on the lower end of that spectrum, the bottom 10% to be exact, make roughly $41,000 a year, while the top 10% makes $71,000.

How many years is medical laboratory science in Nigeria? ›


The BMLS degree programme runs for 5 years for Joint Matriculation entry candidates and 4 years for direct entry candidates. The BMLS programme is being handled by the professional Medical Laboratory Scientists in the cadres of Professor to Lecturer II's cadre.

Who is the best medical laboratory scientist in Nigeria? ›

Abiola Fashina, a medical laboratory scientist who works at the University of Lagos Medical Centre has emerged the winner of the maiden edition of the ISN Medical Laboratory Scientist of the Year Award instituted to recognize and reward the unsung heroes (Medical Laboratory Scientists) of medical practice in Nigeria.

What is the lowest salary for medical scientist? ›

How much does a Medical Scientist make? The average Medical Scientist salary is $82,538 as of January 26, 2023, but the salary range typically falls between $73,925 and $95,607.

How much does a nurse make in Nigeria? ›

Registered Nurse (RN) Jobs by Salary
Job TitleRangeAverage
Staff NurseRange:₦25k - ₦639kAverage:₦534,000
Registered Nurse (RN) SupervisorRange:₦1m - ₦4mAverage:₦2,200,000
Registered Nurse (RN), Emergency RoomRange:₦102k - ₦3mAverage:₦950,000
Nurse MidwifeRange:₦71k - ₦1mAverage:₦792,000
3 more rows

How much does a doctor make in Nigeria? ›

Medical Doctor Salaries
Job TitleSalary
EHA Clinics Medical Doctor salaries - 4 salaries reportedNGN 260,000/mo
National Youth Services Corps Medical Doctor salaries - 3 salaries reportedNGN 60,000/mo
University College Hospital Medical Doctor salaries - 3 salaries reportedNGN 2,400,000/yr
17 more rows

What is the highest paid laboratory job? ›

High Paying Clinical Laboratory Technician Jobs
  • Clinical Scientist. Salary range: $77,500-$142,500 per year. ...
  • Clinical Trials Specialist. ...
  • Clinical Lab Scientist. ...
  • Clinical Laboratory Technologist. ...
  • Clinical Analyst. ...
  • Clinical Technologist. ...
  • Clinical Specialist Medical Device. ...
  • Clinical Product Specialist.

Are medical laboratory scientist called doctor? ›

Medical laboratory scientist
NamesMedical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) / Clinical Laboratory Scientist (CLS) / Medical Technologist (MT) Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science (DMLS) / Doctor of Clinical Laboratory Science (DCLS)
5 more rows

Who is richer doctor or scientist? ›

Both have excellent job facts in the future. Salary will probably be higher as a doctor, eventually.

Do medical scientists make a lot of money? ›

The median annual wage for medical scientists was $95,310 in May 2021. The median wage is the wage at which half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount and half earned less. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $50,100, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $166,980.

Which scientists are highly paid? ›

Taking the role of Machine learning engineer is one of the highest paid jobs in India in science field.
Topmost job profiles for Machine learning engineers:
  • Technical Solutions Specialists.
  • Data Scientists.
  • Technical Lead.
  • Senior Software Engineers.
  • Conversational AI Strategic Engineers.
Sep 22, 2022

Is a medical laboratory science degree worth it? ›

It means opportunity. To land a job in this field, and pave the path for future medical testing and research, you must pursue a Medical Laboratory Science degree. Now is the time. This exciting degree path can open up a world of possibilities and a wide variety of excellent careers in the field of laboratory science.

What is BSc in medical laboratory? ›

B.Sc Laboratory Technology is a science-based programme, which trains students in the techniques needed to run laboratories. The students are trained in minute measurements and analysis of cells of living things, as well as analysis of elements, atoms and molecules.

What is BSc in medical laboratory science? ›

Medical Laboratory Science is the applied science dealing with the application of science, technology, engineering or mathematics to the effective delivery of healthcare. Healthcare scientists are scientists directly involved in the research diagnosis, treatment, care and support of patients in healthcare systems.

Which university offer MLS in Nigeria? ›

Approved MLS Training Institutions/ Universities
S/NoNameApproved Quota
1University of Lagos75
2Babcock University Ilisan-Remo71
3Ladoke Akintola University, Osogbo75
4Madonna university, Elele100
6 more rows

Is MLT better than nursing? ›

MLT is more towards technology field whereas Nursing is towards taking care of patients and required compassion, patience etc. Nursing and MLT holds a lot more scope. Both these courses are best in itself and you can pursue any of the course depending upon your area of interest and what you want to become.

Which is better MLS or MLT? ›

They both work in the lab and perform tests on biological samples, however, a medical lab scientist typically has more education and is able to perform more involved lab work. A medical lab technician performs more of the routine lab work and is often supervised by a medical lab scientist.

Which degree is best for laboratory? ›

It is quite a popular role for students who are interested in laboratory tests and procedures. The most popular lab technician course after 12th is Bachelor's degree (BSc) or a Diploma certification in Medical Lab Technology (MLT). Both the courses offer a promising career and a great opportunity for growth.

Which degree is best for medical scientist? ›

Listed below are the Bachelor's of Science degrees that will help you to start your career as Medical Scientist:
  • BSc in Medical Laboratory Science.
  • B.Sc in Physical Science.
  • B.Sc in Medical Science.
  • B.Sc in Biomedical Science.
  • B.Sc in Life Science, etc.
Jun 27, 2022

What is the first salary of scientist? ›

Scientist 1 salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.9 Lakhs to ₹ 10.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 5.5 Lakhs.

What is the minimum degree to be a scientist? ›

Research scientists need a bachelor's degree in a closely related field for most positions. Usually, a master's degree or a Ph. D is preferred.

How much is a teacher paid in Nigeria? ›

Some related job titles are School Administrator Salaries with median pay of NGN 150,000, Teaching Salaries with median pay of NGN 175,000.

How much is BSN nursing salary in Nigeria? ›

The average salary for a Registered Nurse, BSN is NGN 115,000 per month in Nigeria, which is 22% higher than the average Lagos State University Teaching Hospital salary of NGN 94,000 per month for this job. What is the salary trajectory of a Registered Nurse, BSN?

What is the salary of BSC nursing? ›

The staff nurse gets a salary of around 40,000-80,000. For Head Nurse and Nursing Manager, it is up to 60,000-100,000. The approximate salary of a Nursing Instructor is 45,000-100,000. Nursing Superintendent/Matron/Director can get 80,000-1,50,000.

Which job has highest salary in Nigeria? ›

Healthcare services are one of the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. Health professionals are in demand throughout the country. Surgeons are one of the highest-paid professionals in Nigeria. Annually, surgeons receive an average of ₦11,700,000.

What is the highest-paid medical specialty in Nigeria? ›

Neurosurgeon has been confirmed to be the highest paying medical field in Nigeria and other parts of the world today. It pays very well and it takes time for one to complete his/her education in the field too.

Who is Nigeria best doctor in USA? ›

The latest is Professor Iyalla Elvis Peterside, a Nigerian-born medical doctor has been named one of America's Best Physicians for the year 2020 by the US National Consumer Advisory Board and

Is a medical laboratory scientist a stressful job? ›

Job stress is common, with 96.1% reporting they experience "a little bit" to "a lot of stress." Most commonly, stress was related to workload or call duties. Many reported feeling overwhelmed by their workload (slightly overwhelmed: 37.6%, moderately overwhelmed: 29.2%, and very overwhelmed: 14.3%).

Which type of scientist is best? ›

Top Science Careers to Look For in 2022
  • Physicist. Physics researchers look into the qualities of matter, energy, and time. ...
  • Chemist. A chemist can also be regarded as a scientist who studies the characteristics and reactions of chemicals. ...
  • Astronomer. ...
  • Spacetech. ...
  • Geology. ...
  • Geoscientists. ...
  • Data Analyst. ...
  • Atmospheric Researchers.
Jun 7, 2022

Is medical laboratory a good field? ›

Medical lab tech careers are thriving across the country. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of these technicians is projected to grow by 11% between now and 2028, much faster than average. This demand makes finding the perfect job easier for you.

Can a MLS become a doctor? ›

Medical lab scientists can become medical doctors by following the same education path as other aspiring doctors by attending medical school.

Can a medical lab scientist become a doctor in Nigeria? ›

Yes, there is a Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science in Nigeria. The Doctor of Medical Laboratory Science program is designed to run for six years, and there will no longer be specialization at the first degree. All ChemPath, Haematology, Medical Microbiology, and Histopathology courses in Year 5 under B.

What is the full form of BSc MLS? ›

Bachelor of Science Medical Laboratory Sciences (BSc MLS)

Which doctor is a millionaire? ›

Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Habib's 49% stake in his eponymous company is worth 8.5 billion riyals ($2.3 billion), according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, based on the announced selling price of 50 riyals a share. Dr. Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al-Habib is the founder and the Chairman of Dr.

Is scientist better than doctor? ›

If we compression between both of course then both are the top reputation and highly paid salary by across world . Both of the course have highly opportunity but competition is also top for both of the course . According to the course both courses are opposite to each of them so you should go through your interested .

Do scientists travel a lot? ›

Scientists need to be able to travel anywhere in the world to stay at the top of their field. Unfortunately, this isn't easy for everyone. Family situations or personal health may put a scientist at a disadvantage when they can't travel as much or as far as their colleagues.

Do scientists get paid monthly? ›

As of Jan 31, 2023, the average monthly pay for a Scientist in the United States is $7,040 a month.

How much do scientists earn per month? ›

Average R 13 060 per month.

Why do scientists get paid so little? ›

Scientists are paid less because they're doing it for their own pleasure. The topics they choose to work on are the ones that they're most passionate about. But markets don't pay people for indulging – in fact, there's a cost for indulgence.

Is medical laboratory science lucrative in Nigeria? ›

The salary structure of medical laboratory scientists ranges from N120,000-N350,000 depending on the financial capabilities of the clinic you're working in. The average salary of medical laboratory scientists in Nigeria is currently about N120,000 and is still on the rise.

Which Nigerian schools offer medical laboratory science? ›

Approved MLS Training Institutions/ Universities
S/NoNameApproved Quota
1University of Lagos75
2Babcock University Ilisan-Remo71
3Ladoke Akintola University, Osogbo75
4Madonna university, Elele100
6 more rows

How much does a microbiologist earn in Nigeria? ›

Medical Microbiologists salary in Nigeria (₦50,000 – ₦120,000) Newly hired medical microbiologists in Nigeria's public sector, i.e. those working in government hospitals, earn between 80,000 and 120,000 Naira per month, while those working in private health institutions earn between 50,000 and 80,000 Naira per month.

What is the cut off mark for medical laboratory science in Nigeria? ›

What is UNN Cut off Mark for Medical Laboratory Science 2022? UNN merit cut off mark for Medical Laboratory Science is 256.

How many years does it take to study MLS in Nigeria? ›

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences offers a five-year professional B. MLS degree programme in Medical Laboratory Science.

What are the subjects in BS Medical Laboratory Science? ›

Beyond the classroom, students are equipped with theoretical, practical and clinical learning experiences obtained through a one-year internship in Chemistry, Hematology, Microbiology, Immunohematology (Blood Banking), Histopathologic Techniques, Clinical Microscopy and other emergent technologies.

Where can I work if I study science laboratory technology in Nigeria? ›

Hospitals, Educational institutions, Food industries, Oil companies, Breweries, Petrochemical industries, Pharmaceutical companies, Agro-based industries, Cosmetics industries, Quality control officers in different companies, Some others include water industry, pharmacology research labs, Physiology research labs, ...

What is the salary after BSc microbiology? ›

Microbiologist salary in India ranges between ₹ 1.0 Lakhs to ₹ 4.7 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 2.4 Lakhs.

Is BSc microbiology worth? ›

With a degree in microbiology, you can get opportunities in various fields like healthcare organizations, forensic science laboratories, environmental organizations, higher education institutions, food and drink, publicly funded research organizations, pharmaceuticals and many other industries.

How much do nurses make in Nigeria? ›

Registered Nurse Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Lagos State Government Health Service Commission Registered Nurse salaries - 3 salaries reportedNGN 1,175,988/yr
Garki Hospital Registered Nurse salaries - 3 salaries reportedNGN 81,167/mo
Lagos State Government Registered Nurse salaries - 2 salaries reportedNGN 62,833/mo
17 more rows


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